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Welcome to Para Tech Coating UK LTD

World leaders in conformal and parylene coating, providing a competitive and quality service to take care of all your coating needs.

Our Philosophy

Para Tech Coating’s philosophy is to combine experience and knowledge with a purely customer focused service to ensure we are the ultimate sub-contract coating provider in the UK. We aspire to achieve this by offering a prompt, competitive and high quality service to all customers, as we are aware that Para Tech Coating will only succeed if our customers succeed.

Why Parylene

Why Parylene

Parylene is a thin uniform film used to protect almost any substrate material but mostly used for electronics. Coating thickness can be as thin as 1 µm, parylene is inert and insoluble to most solvents. Thermally stable between -200°C and 290°C and has an extremely high dielectric strength of 7 kV/mil. Parylene also provides protection from moisture and gases, corrosion and tin whiskers. The application process is considered low stress and almost any object which can be exposed to medium vacuum can be coated with Parylene.

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Aero Space
Medical Devices

Parylene Applications

Parylene coating has been commercially available for over 30 years and its properties are exploited in a wide range of applications.

Aerospace / Defence

Para Tech Coating has been providing a coating service for the aerospace industry since its creation in 2002.


The move from fossil fuels to electric cars is creating a growing market for parylene coating within the transport sector.


The majority of parylene coating is carried out on electronics for ruggedizing and other purposes this is the core of Para Tech Coating’s workload.

Medical Devices

Parylene is biocompatible and has been used in medical devices for decades and the market is still expanding.

Purpose Built Building

Purpose Built Building

Para Tech Coating moved to its own building with built in ESD flooring throughout, more room to expand with opportunity for growth